Main Hosts
Pox : Patrick Lawson
Ragable : Chris Born
Couchguy : Thompson Coles
DrPwnU: Wayne Hatch
Supporting Hosts/ guests:
Ziggy,Yakko,Demona,Hopegrrrl,Vita,Colt and many more


WTF indeed, Too Smart Guys Productions is a small group of people who enjoy creating videos to help other people out there. If a person needs to know how to get their phone loaded with some cool new software: we’re there with a video. If a person is bored with playing just games on their hand-held console: we’re there with a video. If a person needs to know how to resurrect the dead: we’re there with a video.



If you’d like to know a little about our history you have 2 choices: dry-cut or embellished.


Embellished: Late one night on the twentieth of July in the year two thousand and five Pox, stricken with a fever (hah!), tossed and turned in a sweat during the night a full moon. Visions troubled him in his sleep, images teased him in his peripheral sight. He struggled to understand their meaning. Finally, epiphany roused him from his bed; scrambling to his phone he frantically punched the numbers in. Ring. Ring. Riiiiiiiing. The third ring lasted a lifetime.



“Ragable, I’ve been given a sign.”


“The rise of the future, we shall be the shepherds and the prophets!”


“We will make … a video podcast/webcast/online video!”

” … WTF?”


Dry Cut: Pox, noticed a lack of video based content